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This website was created because a great deal of fitness advice out there is either extreme or unrealistic. For example, how many people are willing to train 6 times per week? Who wants to measure and count calories every meal of every day? I don’t and bet you don’t either.

Honed Body is all about becoming fit while keeping it practical, sensible, and realistic. If that appeals to you then welcome! If you’re looking for extreme diets or training regimes then try elsewhere.

My name is Rhett and I’ve spent years dieting and training. I enjoy learning and sharing what I know! If you like this site please share or tell someone about it, it helps a ton! Some random facts about me:

  • My favorite exercise is sprinting
  • I practice Jiu-jitsu and lose a lot
  • I barely completed veterinary school
  • I live in Louisiana, United States
  • I am terrible at first impressions
  • I eat a peanut butter jelly sandwich everyday
  • I am allergic to grass
  • I love cooking steaks

I hope you find this site useful, and if you have any questions send me an email at: honedbody@gmail.com

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